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Art, Music & More

Spring = S           4/23-6/17     Summer = TBA 
FEES: Members=M; Program members=PM; Non-members-NM


Art with Recyclables:  S

Ages: 7 - 11

One person's junk is another's treasure. We will create 3-D art projects using recyclable materials. Celebrate Earth Day everyday!

Day/Time: Wednesdays; 6:00pm                           

Location: Pocono Family YMCA                      

Fees: M-$50, PM-$75, NM-$100


Steam:  S

Ages:  9 –12

Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math - this class will do it all. Learn to Plan and Build a 3-D city using graph paper.

Day/Time:  Mondays; 6:00pm

Location: Pocono Family YMCA                     

Fees: M-$50, PM-$75, NM-$100


Drama : S

Ages: 5 - 12

For those who want to explore their own creativity through theater games, music and "make believe". Character building and self confidence through natural ability are key fundamental aspects of this class. End Goal of this session is to perform a kid friendly excerpt from a Shakespeare Play.

Day/Time: Thursdays; 5:00pm

Location: Pocono Family YMCA

Fees: M-$50, PM-$75, NM-$100



Healthy Kids Cooking Club : S

Ages: 10 - 13

More fruits and vegetables matter! Learn to make healthy food choices in a fun way. Gain basic knife skills, healthy habits and knowledge on keeping it clean.

Day/Time: Saturdays; 12:00pm

Location: Pocono Family YMCA

Fees: M-$75, PM-$90, NM-$105



Team Building : S

Ages: 12 - 17

Think logically, heighten awareness, use critical thinking and work as a team. Plan and construct your own Escape Rooms. Try them out on friends, family and staff!

Day/Time: Saturdays; 3:00pm

Location: Pocono Family YMCA

Fees: M-$50, PM-$75, NM-$100



Life Skills : S

Ages: 12 - 18

This program provides opportunities for youth to realize who they are and what they are capable of achieving. Every teen will have the opportunity to practice and develop skills such as banking, sewing, auto maintenance, cooking, college prep and more.

Day/Time: Thursdays; 4:00pm

Location: Pocono Family YMCA

Fees: M-$50, PM-$75, NM-$100


Choir : S

Ages: 7 - 107

The Choir Program is designed to enhance the musical, creative and expressive qualities in students of all ages.

Day/Time: Saturdays; 1:00pm

Location: Pocono Family YMCA

Fees: M-FREE, PM-$2, NM-$5