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Swim Lessons

In Y Swim Lessons participants learn and practice new swimming Swimmerskills and feel a sense of achievement from mastering something new that they can enjoy the rest of their lives.   While participating in fun water sports and games, children also increase their physical activity levels. Participants in Y Swim Lessons are connected to others in the class, make new friends and recognize new role models.  The participants are more comfortable and secure around water, as they learn water safety and improve their swim skills.  The Y uses the "bubble belt" system which allows students to build confidence and technique while working their way off floatation devices. 


Swim Lesson Information

  • Classes run in 7 week sessions. Pre-registration is required. Number of classes per session varies. You cannot choose how many weeks to attend. 
  • Due to limited space, parents are not permitted to remain in the pool area during the lessons, but are asked to wait in the lobby.  Parents must remain in the building during their child's lesson. 
  • Parents may enter the pool area 5 minutes prior to the end of swim lessons to pick up their child.  Please do not enter the pool area more than 5 minutes before the beginning of your scheduled class.
  • At the conclusion of lessons all swimmers must exit the pool area to the locker rooms. 
  • Parents may observe their child during the last class of the month. 
  • There are NO refunds.  Credits can be issued for illness ONLY and must be accompanied by a physician's note.  These requests should be presented to the Aquatics Director. 


Building strong swimmers &  confident kids.


Starting June 5th

There will be two week sessions - Monday - Thursday lessons.  

There will be 5 sessions for the summer.  

We will also offer 2 - 5 week sessions for Saturdays and Sunday Adult lessons.  

For additional information call 570-421-2525 x. 0 


Waterbabies (Parent & Child)

This 30 minute class is great for parent- child bonding and will set children up for a lifetime love of the water. The class is a basic orientation to swimming for babies 6-36 months old. Parent or trusted adult must get in the water with the child. Children will become acquainted with movement in the water using games and songs. SWIM DIAPERS MUST BE USED!

Parent/Child Lesson


Preschool Lessons (Ages 3-5) - 30 Minute Lesson

Pikes (Beginner/Non-Swimmer)


This class is the first class for a child without their parent in the pool with them.  Parents are asked to wait in the lobby while your child learns basic skills that are the building blocks of swimming and pool safety.  Children are divided into skill levels. 


Eels (Advanced Beginner)


Children continue to progress on their skills learned in the Pike level and begin putting their faces in the water, floating, jumping in and paddling without support.  IFD's are still used in most


Rays (Intermediate)


This class if for the intermediate swimmers who can move through the water independantly and who are ready to be introduced to basic front and back crawl, sidestroke, breaststroke, and elementary backstroke.  Rhythmic breathing and kneeling dives are introduced. 



 Starfish (Intermediate/Advanced)

This class will continue working on the skills learned while building endurance, stronger confidence and working on coordination.  Standing dives are introduced. 


School Age Lessons (Ages 6-12) - 45 Minute Lessons

Polliwogs (Beginner/Non-Swimmer)

This class is for children who have little or no water experience/skills or who are uncomfortable getting their face wet.  With the use of flotation devices they are introduced to basic floating, front paddle stroke, side and back paddle strokes. 

Guppies (Intermediate Beginner)

This class allows children to practice and build upon basic skills, without the aid of a floatation device.  Emphasis on establishing horizontal position, stroke development, beginning diving and rotary breathing are stressed. 


Minnows, Fish, Flying Fish, Shark(Advanced Beginner through Intermediate)

The children will further refine and develop their strokes and skills, including diving, turns and endurance. 



This program is for advanced swimmers looking to refine teir swim skills.  Class curriculum for the session will be based on the needs of the participants.  Instructor referal or aquatics director approval needed to register.  A swim test may be required a tthe beginning of the session to test the ability of the swimmer.  This program is great for students who participate on a swim team or are lookin gto join a team in the near future. 


Young Adults(all levels)

These swim lessons will teach proficiency in all YMCA swimming levels to teensares 13-15 attending these classes.

Adult Swim Lessons (Ages 13 & older)

All levels welcome!  Instruction available for beginners and intermediates!  Learning to swim is in your best interest for your safety and fitness.  Classes consist of small groups that will owrk on your individual goals.  It's never to late to learn!


Private Swim Lessons

One - on - one private lessons with a YMCA swim instructor.  For more information contact Leanne Rios at ext. 137. 

Seven 45 minute lessons:

Members   $160.00       Non-Members  $260


Semi-Private Lessons

Two - to - One swim lessons with a YMCA swim instructor.  For more information contact Leanne Rios at ext. 137.

Seven 45 minute lessons:

Members  $140.00 (per participant)      Non-Members  $220.00 (per participant)


Interested in Swim Team?


          Professional, experienced & trained coaches

          Evening & weekend practices

          Swim Meets for all levels

          Practice groups for all levels & interest

          Great friends, great families

          Positive & competitive environment

          Click Here for more information